23 alternative Christmas tree ideas

With December fast approaching, many of us will be decorating our homes for the festive season…but what can we do when there isn’t space for a traditional Christmas tree?Try one of these creative alternative Christmas tree ideas instead, of course!

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1. String light Christmas tree

You can ditch the tree when fairy lights and ornaments alone look this good! Using removable adhesive hooks and tape, this non-traditional Christmas tree is jaw droppingly good!

alternative Christmas trees _Stringlights
Image viaCollective Gen
String light Christmas tree
Is this not the most festive space saving Christmas tree idea?! Image viaA Simple Modern Life

2. Dowel Christmas tree

So Scandi and so stylish, it’s hard not to love this simple dowel Christmas tree byJelanie Shop. The design of this tree is quite straight forward so it could make for a fun DIY project!

Dowel Christmas tree
Image viaScandia

3. Plywood Christmas tree

Another minimal Christmas tree idea is to use two pieces of plywood cut into Christmas tree shapes and slot them together to make a 3D plywood Christmas tree. One of the best things about this Christmas tree is it can be disassembled and packed away flat until next year, taking up next to no storage space.

Plywood Christmas tree
Image viaBrit + Co

4. Honeycomb Christmas tree

For those of us who love a bit of colour, thisDIY honeycomb Christmas tree idea by Studio DIYis so fun! These paper honeycomb balls (sold flat) can be found in most party stores and in the party section of large department stores like Kmart.

Honeycomb Christmas tree
Image viaStudio DIY

5. String Christmas tree

Similar to the fairy light Christmas tree above, this Christmas tree uses adhesive wall hooks to create the geometric string design. You could hang light ornaments from the string or the hidden clear hooks, or you could peg Christmas cards and other decorations to the string.

String Christmas tree
Image viaMy Poppet

6. Banner Christmas tree

Ok so not technically a Christmas treebutit is very Christmas tree inspired! We included these banner Christmas tree ideas because they look fab AND are a great option for those of us who are seriously short on space. Find the DIY to make the colourful banner onDream Green DIY blog here.

Wall hanging Christmas tree
Image viaDream Green DIY

7. Christmas card tree

A simple and no-waste Christmas tree idea is to simply blu-tac Christmas cards in a tree shape onto your wall — a great option for those of us who still receive paper cards that is!

Christmas card tree
Image viaHome Life

8. Washi tape Christmas tree

It doesn’t get any quicker, easier or more affordable than this — a washi tape Christmas tree asCountry Livinghas done!

You could use any colour tape you like or even mix in some gold or other metallic colour for added wow. And the types of tree shape you could make are endless.

alternative Christmas trees _BlackWashiTape
Image viaCountry Living

9. Pallet Christmas tree

Upcycle your wood pallets this Christmas for an environmentally friendly alternative Christmas tree. With countless ways of creating your perfect look, including ourpallet Christmas treewe designed — it’s simple, stylish and so affordable to make!

DIY Christmas tree with lights
alternative Christmas trees _Palette2
Image viaDesign Rulz
alternative Christmas trees _Palette
Image viaDesign Rulz

10. Photo Christmas tree

Talk about a sweet and personalised Christmas tree idea! One of our favourite designers, Emily Henderson, made thismodern Christmas treeby stacking acrylic blocks with family photos on the face. There are loads of printing services that offer digital prints in a flash which you could mod podge onto acrylic or timber blocks to make your own version of this tree.

If you’re look for a most cost-effective version, don’t shy away from photos and polaroids! They can look just as good on your wall, and can be cheap to print!

Photo block Christmas tree
Image viaEmily Henderson
alternative Christmas trees _Polaroid
Image viaTwins Dish

11. Branch Christmas tree

Another fun Christmas tree alternative is aDIY branch Christmas tree. It can be hung on a wall or over a door, and decorated with just some simple string lights or go wild with loads of decorations. There are a variety of styles you can follow when designing yours.

alternative Christmas trees _Branch
Image viaCollective Gen
Image viarewind + grow

12. Vase Christmas tree

A different take on a branch Christmas tree is to place branches in a vase on your dining table or mantle and add decorations. This DIY Christmas tree idea generally takes up no floor space and makes for a stunning focal point in any room.

Vase Christmas tree
Image viaRebecca June
alternative Christmas tree _Vase
Image viaStay at Home Mum

13. Cardboard Christmas tree

Using a similar principle as the plywood Christmas tree above, this cardboard Christmas tree is a more affordable. Perhaps you could say it’s also a more ‘beginner level’ DIY Christmas tree

alternative Christmas tree _Cardboard
Image viaBehance

14. Fringe Christmas tree

Another wall hanging idea is to simply use fringe and pom pom trimmings from your local craft store to make this chic Christmas tree. Also love the idea of positioning a table for gifts and cookies for Santa close by too.

Space saving Christmas tree
Image viaBrit + Co


If the smaller banners above didn’t cut it for you, perhaps this oversized wall hanging of a Christmas tree will?!

16. Ornament Christmas tree

This ultra minimal Christmas tree of ornaments tacked to the wall in a tree pattern is sooooo divine — proving less is often more! There are countless ways to use ornaments to create a tree on your wall!

Ornament Christmas tree
Image viaInside Out
alternative Christmas tree _ornament
Image viaElla’s Place

17. Canvas Christmas tree

If putting adhesive hooks on your walls isn’t an option, you could try using a large canvas instead. This canvas has pine branches and ornaments glued to it but you could create almost any of the Christmas tree ideas we’ve shown in this list, like the string Christmas tree or ornament Christmas tree.

Canvas Christmas tree
Image via Lonny Magazine

18. Shelf Christmas tree

Maybe a more simplistic version to the other pallet Christmas trees, it’s still a fun idea! This triangle shelf Christmas tree was done with pieces of wood, and the shelves provide an opportunity to display your favourite Christmas decorations!

alternative Christmas trees _Shelf
Image viaDesign Rulz

19. Pompom Christmas tree

Kids love a Christmas tree! Add that festive touch to their bedrooms this Christmas with a colourful pompom tree that’s just too fun!

alternative Christmas tree _pompom
Image viaDIY Darlin

20. Teepee Christmas tree

One of our favourite Christmas trees on this list, this green teepee Christmas tree follows the traditional look of a Christmas tree while keeping the room bright. Grabs some dowel from Bunnings and some fake (or fresh if you’re feeling adventurous) vines to create your own.

alternative Christmas tree _teepee
Image viaHometalk

21. Suspended Christmas tree

If you’re short on floor space, or just want an interesting focal point in your room, why not give the traditional Christmas tree some lift? There are plenty of ways to suspend a Christmas tree. But these suspended ornament versions seem to be the most popular!

alternative Christmas tree _suspensed
Image viaBetter Homes and Gardens

22. Minimalist Christmas tree

As mentioned earlier, less is more. These minimalist trees are quick and easy to set up and pack away.谁不love that?!Plus, you can tailor the look to suit your interior colour scheme.

23. Driftwood alternative Christmas tree

Whether you want to channel coastal aesthetic this Christmas or just add an earthier element to your festive styling, this driftwood Christmas tree idea is for you! Just take a look at how fab it is in this rustic cottage in Geelong, Victoria!

alternative Christmas tree _driftwood
Image viaHomes to Love

Have you found an alternative Christmas tree idea on this list for your home? We’d love to know your fave by commenting below!

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This article was first published in November 2017 and has been updated with new information and images


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